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CLUB HOUSE INFO:  The clubhouse is closed until further notice

CLIMBING INFO: Weekly rock climbing sessions take place at the Cleveland Quarry (Haka Game Park – entrance on Harare drive or Mutare road) on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 until dark. In addition, climbing outing are organized (sometimes during the week, but mostly during weekends) to Christon Banks, Epworth, Ngomakurira, among other locations. Climbers are notified about climbing outings through the Climbers WhatsApp Group.

MCZ climbing gear (shoes, harness, chalk bag) are available for rental upon advance request for those who are new to climbing or do not (yet) have their own gear. Ropes are provided by MCZ. 

Rock climbing fees:  After three climbing sessions, climbers new to MCZ are asked to apply for membership and contribute their MCZ membership fees. Additional climbing fees could include single (national) park entrance fees, gear rental and/or yearly quarry access (all optional).

Please contact Hilda van der Veen (+263 783178197) or Charmain Jonker (+263 778369655).



  • Sunday 6th, Iron Mask range, Mazoe valley, Bruce Cowley (0772 513806)
  • Saturday 12th, Two simultaneous walks in the Moon Rock area of Chinamora communal land, slow walk leader Barbara Maasdorp, (0774 447906), fast walk leader Patricia Barber, (0772 497033)
  • Saturday 19th Bushbaby Lodge for hike and braai.


  • Due to the Covid 19 pandemic the previous car pooling arrangement is canceled until further notice. Please pre organize a lift with a group you feel happy/safe to travel with.
  • Maximum number of 5 vehicles per hike and drivers details and number of spare seats in each sent to Nigel Short (0772 214062) via WhatsApp on Wednesday before the hike. He will then advise members of available seats
  • Fuel: Passengers of each car are requested to share the fuel costs. The driver bears the wear and tear, car insurance so does not pay for fuel. A 100 km (a normal round trip) will therefore cost 10 ltrs of fuel at the USD rates for petrol and diesel.
  • Other cost: US$2.00 per member, US$4.00 for Non members. This goes towards the purchase groceries for the villagers where we park the cars.
  • Please note that each hike is described as LOW or MEDIUM or HIGH impact:
    • LOW impact walks are suitable for new and inexperienced hikers.
    • MEDIUM impact walks are suitable for fit hikers.
    • HIGH impact walks are only suitable for fit and experienced hikers.
  • We usually meet at Sam Levy’s Car Park, near Khumo tyres, unless stated otherwise.
  • Wear sporting footwear that grip well.  Bring a small rucksack with enough water/drink, a snack, a raincoat, sun block, and insect repellant.
  • On Saturday we meet between 12.30/12.45pm to depart 15 minutes later. Return is usually scheduled around 5.30 and is dependent on the season and the traffic.
  • Sunday is an all day hike. We generally meet at 08.00, and departing 15 minutes later. We return around 3-4pm, depending on distance travelled.
  • As we walk in Communal lands and National Parks, dogs are not allowed. Sorry.

For more info, please contact Nigel Short on 0772 214 062.

CAMPING WEEKENDS INFO: (MEMBERS ONLY). A convivial is held at the Club 10 days before the weekend. Come and familiarize yourself with the camping area by asking questions, get to meet your fellow campers as we organize logistics, car pool, food, water.  If in need, we do have a few tents, mattresses and rucksacks, but be sure to ask well in advance as we only open the club once a week. And if you feel generous or have spare equipment you wish to donate or sell to the club, please contact a Committee member. 


A membership form can be requested from the Club Secretary, Michael Laban (0772 320754) or a committee member.

  • USD 20.00 Single (per annum)
  • USD 30.00 Family (per annum)
  • USD 10.00 Student (per annum)

Once the application for membership has been approved by the Committee, payment will be expected in USD cash or through our CABS bank account at the prevailing rate. 


Chair                           Patricia Barber                           0772 497 033       

Treasurer                  Jenny Don                                    0772 362 296       

Secretary                   Michael Laban                            0772 320 754       

Climbers Rep           Hilda van der Veen                   0783 178 197       

Climbers Rep           Charmain Jonker                       0778 369 655       

Walkers Rep            Nigel Short                                   0772 214 062       

Camping                    Pearson Chareka                       0772 390 405       

Bar                               Stuart Wood                               0771 081 402       

Member                    Lorraine Regadas                      0772 416 024       

Member                    Vic Gifford                                   0712 221 672                 n/a

Member                    Grace Chirenje                           0772 719 650       

Member                    Matt Dove                                   0772 301 436       

Nigel Short, Hiking Rep

Covid-19 – NEW RULES OF MCZ  

This is an undertaking that you commit to follow the Covid protocols when participating in the Mountain Club activities. Whether on a camping weekend, hiking or climbing as a Mountain Club member you commit to:

 Passenger in a vehicle:

  • Remain a passenger in the same pre-arranged vehicle (IN and OUT).
    • Stay with your vehicle team during the activity.
    • Sanitize the steering wheel, gearstick, and door handles several times a day.
    • Wear a suitable mask whilst in the car.
    • Do not use the air con. On a regular basis, unwind your window and let new air come in.
    • Be a self-sufficient team in your vehicle. Have your own jack, tools, tow rope, compressor, etc. 
    • When camping, bring a gas stove, cooking and sleeping equipment per vehicle.
    • Do NOT share items outside your vehicle team.
    • Notify the driver if you are unwell. If one team member is unwell, the driver must prepare the team to leave immediately and go into self-quarantine.

Camping/hiking – During the event:

  • Have your temperature taken (forehead or wrist).
    • Observe physical distancing of 2 metres.
    • Wear a face mask, especially at times when social distancing is difficult.
    • Foresee several face masks, depending on number of days away.
    • Carry hand sanitiser.
    • Make sure that your tents are set together as a “vehicle team” and away from another team.
    • One tent to be shared per two people maximum.
    • Remain in your team. DO NOT interact closely with other participants.
    • Observe strict hygiene, particularly when using shared facilities such as toilets and showers. Sanitise before and after using the facilities. Use your own toilet paper, soap, etc.
    • Immediately report to the leader if you feel unwell.


  • Observe physical distancing of 2 metres.
    • Wear your mask if physical distancing is not possible
    • Bring your own chair.
    • Bring your own drinks.
    • Bring your own eating implements
    • Bring your own sanitiser
    • Be self sufficient

Do not overdrink alcohol. Avoid behaviours that may endanger others and that we all come to regret.

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