Need I say more,
Deviating from everything that suppresses my core.
Inner parts of me stand for,
All that allows my spirit to sore.

I’m sowing seeds of peace hoping that I harvest more,
I’m placing on scale everything that keeps me balanced enough to stand tall,
Ndorarama pasi pano ( I live here on earth),
So I find it easy to shine on this floor.

This floor witnesses my rhythm,
The music synchronizes my heartbeat with my eardrum,
There is freedom in movement,
So witness the power that I embody.

-Kuda Rice

Words from the Poet – I was a dancer before I became a poet. I have always found beauty in the artistic expression of dancing, so the first reason for doing a collaboration was entirely based on my love for the two art forms-dance and poetry. The second one is simply because I wanted to find other ways to portray a message, letting words and movement merge just to produce something beautiful and impactful at the same time!

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Words from the Dancer – I dance because my heart wants me to dance to free my mind, What comes easy won’t last, what lasts won’t come easy and To achieve your dream, see the world as you want it to be, not as it may appear to be.

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