Mtotwe- Harare’s Wholesome Food Startup

By Wanderlust Rue

Mtotwe has an upscale, decidedly refined atmosphere that is reminiscent of a private club. Everything the restaurant offers says ‘quality’. From the heavy wooden backsplashes, the understated name inscribed in the background, to the finely carved wooden tables and the fine service.  

I would describe their approach as emphasising flavours and subtlety. The menu is varied; from the breakfast options to an array of sweet and savoury snacks (the cheesy fries are especially good), that can be shared or served as a side dish to the main meal.

I was at Mtotwe for lunch with a friend and the food was truly appetising; authentic flavours yet original and well presented. I had a subtle but tasty crumbed chicken wrap with cucumber, lettuce and pickle slaw with a side of cheesy fries topped with bacon bits and scallions. My friend had a freshly prepared grilled chicken salad also accompanied by a side of those amazing cheesy fries (I especially recommend them). We enjoyed every single bite of our meals, the food was immensely flavourful, brilliantly creative and for their prices, it was 100% worth it!

Mtotwe is conveniently located in the Hub complex at 170 The Chase which is directly opposite the Groombridge Spar and is very easy to get to. Our host was warm and friendly, dedicated to doing everything possible to ensure we had a pleasant afternoon. 

Creating contactless dining experiences in the very spaces created to bring people together is now becoming the norm for restaurateurs and Mtotwe is no exception. I was very impressed with how the tables were constantly cleared and sanitised which added to the charm of this restaurant. The atmosphere is secure, welcoming and elegant with tables adequately spaced to ensure social distancing. 

Mtotwe has left the best impressions; hospitable hosts, delicious dishes and equally amazing service that is both professional and welcoming. 

This restaurant is both sophisticated and a family affair and I would recommend it to everyone. I will be back there again very soon. 

Originally published in the second newsletter Issue of Ndeipi

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