Mulberry Restaurant and Café

By Wanderlust Rue and Amanda Manyarara

The Mulberry Restaurant and Café should be on your list of places to visit in Harare. It is situated right at the heart of the buzz as the only sit-in restaurant within the Borrowdale Brooke Golf Estate, making it one of the hidden gems Harare North has to offer.

We had the pleasure of being hosted by the owner Mr. Iain de Grandhomme when we went there for lunch; a pleasant and very welcome surprise. Iain and his team pride themselves on making their customers feel at home and providing a memorable experience which was evident in all our interactions with them.

Elegant and classic with a rustic charm to it, the restaurant interior exudes a  lavish country haven within an urban environment. The beautiful outer deck sits overlooking the golf course offering serene views of the perfectly manicured lawns. Easily described as close enough for quick and easy access to the golf course, but far enough to be out of mind when you hit the first tee.  

The menu had an assortment of pizzas, grilled food, burgers, and beverages which also included a great selection of wine from their three main suppliers; Craft Society, Drop-in Ports, and The Big Five. As with most restaurants, Mulberry had to shrink their menu during the lockdown and yet they still maintained the signature dishes they are well known for. As we return to normalcy, Mulberry has partnered with H-town gelato and are revamping their menu to match their new vision. It will be a complete menu with a variety of starters, main course meals, and desserts to choose from. 

To make a lasting first impression we were served three of their signature platters to share. We had the Mozam pizza ( a thin-crusted pizza topped with succulent chicken marinated in a crocodile sauce with creme fraiche and guacamole), BBQ pork ribs and the Mozambican Queen Prawns( marinated in their signature mozam sauce and grilled to perfection). All the platters were accompanied by a freshly made garden salad and tasty chips. The pizza was an absolute favourite followed closely by the pork ribs but opinions could be biased because everyone loves ribs! The meal was both delicious and filling; sharing between the platters was a major plus in our book! 

The restaurant serves a full English buffet breakfast every Saturday and Sunday however, their Sunday buffet roast is THE weekend highlight. It consists of a 3-meat roast,a starch selection, vegetables and a dessert. Advance bookings are essential as they are always fully booked by Friday delineating its popularity. If you have any dietary requirements, No Worries! Whether you are vegetarian, lactose intolerant or have any allergies, Mulberry has you covered.

Mulberry restaurant is not just limited to golfers. Whether it is a lunch date with friends, a quick breakfast on the weekends, dinner with the family, or serving a host of corporate and personal functions, there is something for everyone. The restaurant is open from 11:00 am to 5 pm on Wednesday to Sunday. Their Cafe is open for golfers every day of the week from 6:30 am to 5 pm. Weekend breakfast is from 8 am to 11 am and the Sunday roast from 12:30 pm to 3 pm. All bookings can be made on 0788930720 which is also linked to WhatsApp.   

The waiters were very professional, friendly and made the entire experience all the more enjoyable. You could tell the restaurant and café had excellent customer service from the get-go. If you are a traveller or just a local who enjoys good food, the Mulberry Restaurant and Café is definitely the place to be.

Images Chris Scott Photography and B. Hedge Photography

Originally published in the 3rd Ndeipi Newsletter

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