My Journey to the City of Love

By Wanderlust Rue

To be honest, Paris was never part of my bucket list when I started my travels in 2014. I had other interests in France, particularly the south, but this all changed when I met my very good friend Jacqueline.

© Wanderlust Rue

I met Jacqueline when I had just come from London to Australia. Jacqui and I ended up living together for three weeks in New Farm, Brisbane. We cooked, we dined together on most nights, talking about our life, food, music and dancing while we sipped on red wine. I felt sad when she had to leave and go back to living in France but I promised her I would visit. In less than a year after her visit I fulfilled my promise.  I finally got to visit Jacqui and her partner Vincent in Paris, where I stayed in their beautiful home. Although exploring the city alone on my first day was great, what was more amazing was the surprise VIP experience of the Louvre Museum that Jacqui and Vince had organized for me, I was in awe!

From the VIP entrance that led to an emergency roof top where we saw an amazing angle of the museum, to the hidden passages used to store ancient arts and statues. It was truly an incredible sight I will always cherish. I even accidentally popped my head out too far when I reached the end of the secret passageways and realised I was now on a balcony with a very popular artwork and hundreds of people accidentally took pictures of my head. Check your Louvre Museum photos, I might have photobombed you!

© Wanderlust Rue

After many stomach aches from the kilos of cheese I had forced down my body (I’m still in denial that I’m lactose intolerant), delicious authentic French dishes and wine drinking sessions, I left a piece of my heart in Paris. Tu me manques Jacqui! Je souhaite te voir bientôt! – © NZiRA Travel Zimbabwe

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