Natural beauty secrets for your skin

By Chrystal Mushonga

An eco-friendly approach at Crystal’s Aura

Besides the fact that I was a frustrated mother with a son who had atopic dermatitis (referred to mostly as eczema), I have always been interested in natural skin and health remedies (maybe it was because of my acne problems but oh well!). Crystal’s Aura was born out of a need, little did I know it will become one of my favourite things to wake up to every day and the key to a world of possibilities! After months and months of small experiments, research and testing products on myself and my friends, we are here.

Crystal’s Aura has taken a deep dive into Zimbabwe and Southern Africa’s natural beauty secrets to formulating the most skin and hair loving personal care products. Besides being results-oriented, our products are also for personal pampering with that touch of luxury appeal. Zimbabwe is home to more than 3 million Marula trees, 5 million Baobab trees, large strands of Mongongo trees stretching for kilometres and vast woodlands of the Mafura tree. These trees supply us with some of our most common ingredients. The picking and preparing of the fruits, nuts and oils are done by local women in the surrounding villages, empowering them and leading to wealth creation. The plant extracts and oils have so many health benefits. They have been used for ages to treat skin conditions, to cook and for cosmetic purposes.

 We have such rich biodiversity locally and everything we need for that glow.

The main product lines are bar soap, creams, scrub, oil blends, body washes, bath bombs and formulated to provide relief for common skin conditions like eczema, acne, psoriasis and suitable for hypoallergenic and sensitive skins. We put so much into the look and feel of our products every day that the goal is to regularly upgrade to provide the best sensory experience for our customers.

For me, soap making encompasses three things; art, beauty and chemistry. Soap making and cosmetic formulation are creative media for me. A piece of me is in each bar of soap, each product I create, hence, Crystal’s Aura. From the most simplified to the most exquisite, each bar of soap is beautiful.

As for the beauty of soap making and cosmetic formulation, you can choose different vegetable or animal fats, liquid extracts, powders, clays and herbs, based on what they will do for the skin and see them transform the skin. I love seeing the beauty and happiness I create by using nature. I put so much love and thought into the final product for someone I may not know, who purchases or receives a gift to use to clean their body. I want to see more of this around me and more value creation from our natural resources.

We are part of the clean and sustainable beauty movement and are currently upgrading our packaging to eco-friendly materials. We want to tackle everything from plastic waste to climate change with multi-pronged initiatives. From sustainably sourced ingredients, infinitely recyclable aluminium packaging and refill scheme, as few and natural ingredients as possible and single-dose sachets, Crystal’s Aura is on track to achieving our zero waste aim by the end of 2021. We have such big plans and stay ready for our new serums, cleansers, toners and creams under our spa collection and products for children and men!

Follow us on Instagram @crystalsaura_zw and Facebook Crystal’s Aura. You can purchase our products on or from one of our stockists: The Village Pharmacy, Sam Levy’s Village or Racecourse pharmacy at Borrowdale Racecourse. We have distribution agents in some cities and towns, please contact customer care on +263719339140 for any enquiries. We ship countrywide and internationally. 

Article and Images by Crystal Mushonga 

Originally published in the first issue of Ndeipi Newsletter

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