Ndeipi Magazine Issue 121 Out Now!

Ndeipi Magazine Issue 121 Out Now!

To download, please follow this link –  https://ndeipi.co.zw/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Ndeipi-Issue-121_compressed-1.pdf

The new year is here, an interesting two years we’ve had. During this two-year roller coaster, many of us have faced challenges in different forms which we have survived for the most part! I believe that our shortcomings are a constant reminder that we should live each day with meaning and the belief that things will work, especially when it seems otherwise. The start of the year is a time often marked by hope, reflection, and strategic planning, to do and live “better”. It is a time, when we get our notepads out and scribble what we believe are worthwhile resolutions, make a mental note, and try to stick to them throughout the year. We are beings driven by hope, and most often fueled by the thought of a better day in whatever aspect of life. It is this optimism and oftentimes resilience that encourages positive mindsets and motivates us into action. In a bid to help you our valued reader, your resolutions, and year 2022- we have put together this issue that we have themed “Wholistic Wellness”. Our aim is that by every page turn you are inspired, engaged, and motivated to take action towards your resolutions. Psychologist, Dr. Olga shares the secret to positive outcomes through positive thinking. Sunstone Wellness gives a different meaning to mindfulness through movement and meditation. Secret Sunrise inspires us to get off our seats and start moving through music and dance, a great mental escape with enormous physical benefits. Keep your health in check with Dr. Cooper and make sure you eat right with Earthy Treats Zw.

We do hope that through our articles, you find something that inspires you and encourages you to partake in a new activity this year. We can’t wait to journey with you through the year! All the best.

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