Ode To Bacon

We never knew you
Yours is the sweet savour of a Saturday morning,
Scintillating scent transcending space, and perhaps time,
Titillating taste teasing tongue and perhaps mind,
Placed on plates while I cleared the palate,
Among taste-buds you had pride of place, my mouth – your palace

You, who moved from forbidden fruit to a breakfast staple
Oh, the hopeless emptiness when you are absent from the breakfast table,
Devoured in a flurry of gobbledygook,
We chewed and munched and gobbled now look,
All that remains of you,
Grease marks on a plate,
And the unspoken question,

“does it really come from a pig’s rear end?”
Oh, my dear dear friend,

we never knew you
(and maybe that was for the best)

Andrew Manyika

Andrew Manyika is a poet on a mission to create and capture moments and memories. Armed with his unique combination of poetry and comedy, which he uses to both query and poke lighthearted fun at the world we live in. You can connect with Andrew here – andrewmanyikaink@gmail.com

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