OGS – Who’s for tennis

When I was in High school some 50 years ago it was considered very “Sissy’ to play tennis – that was a rugger bugger era when the 4th team rugby reserves only said yes to playing in the first team tennis when there were no Heavies around ready to launch their biting taunts – NB – bullying and beatings were also a part of the daily life at boarding school that we all survived!

Then one day, some wise guy (Jack Kramer?) decided that the standard of sport could be considerably improved by paying money to those that played professionally. Along came the likes of John Newcombe, Rod Laver, Steffi Graaf, Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal.

Sometime back before the days of Quarantine, on a beautiful sunny afternoon I decided to go down to the popular Old Georgians Tennis courts where I met up with a whole bunch of mates who were playing some very social Saturday afternoon Tennis. The Saturday before they had a very festive Zimbledon tennis afternoon – played annually by Zimbabwe tennis enthusiasts throughout the world to mark the start of Wimbledon. All 60 players were kitted out in whites

The (very organized) OGs tennis committee have just had 3 magnificent Grass courts created on the cricket side of the tennis section. So they used the Zimbledon occasion to officially open the courts with copious quantities of Champagne, Scones, strawberries and cream being consummated by all in attendance. Long-time member and former leading Rose Grower, Archie Wood, has planted a beautiful corridor around the grass courts with magnificent white Rose bushes that seem to be in perennial bloom

The tennis section at OGs is one of those success stories that we all like to hear about. Every Saturday there are organized foursomes from 1-3 pm with social games (3-5.30pm) being put together by the duty member whose job it is to ensure everyone has a fair share of games at a level that suits their ability.

OGs now have a total of 11 courts – 3 grass, 2 all weather and 6 clay so there is always room for newcomers. There are of course, certain ground rules that apply- no bad language, racquet throwing or sulking!

Well-known local Tennis Coach, Nathan Hook, has also started using these courts, as an alternative venue, for his top tennis players so that they learn how to adapt to different playing conditions.

Why not take your tennis racquet out of the closet next Saturday after this period of safety and pop down to OGs with your spouse – be there at about 2.30 and bring a cardigan for afterwards. See you there Mike G.

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