On your mark, Get set , its Cardio Wednesday!

By Zoe Mugoni

Get ready for this mid week cardio workout with Zoe. Burn some calories as you continue to workout and stay fit.

Cardio exercises help increase your lung capacity


Mountain Climbers x 20
High knees x 20
Jumping Jack’s x 15
Squat punches x 15
Stationary Lunges x 8
Walking Lunges x 10

*Depending on your fitness level you can choose to increase the number of reps per exercise.*

About Coach Zoe

Zoë Mugoni, a University student and hockey player is extremely passionate about working out and keeping fit. Her fitness journey is fueled by the fact that a strong body creates a strong mind. Keeping active not only keeps you fit but each work out is a challenge that needs to be overcome. Zoë is also passionate about inspiring and motivating other individuals to begin their fitness journeys because the reward of it is priceless. Part time, Zoë is also a Hockey Coach and a Team Building Facilitator.

Email zoemugoni81@gmail.com
Instagram @zoe_11_03

Featured Image from Pexels by Andrea Piacquadio

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