Fixing HTML Settings on Outlook

Outlook not loading images properly: How to fix

Are you currently experiencing a red cross in your emails when pictures are attached?

Embed an image in html for automatic outlook365 email send - Stack Overflow

This is due to outlook not automatically downloading images in HTML emails.  This is a standard feature of outlook and Microsoft originally included it to protect their clients.  You can read more about it here 

How to Outlook From Downloading Images Automatically Video Demonstration -

Here is a step by step guide on how to do this on your own:

STEP 1 - Select File > Options.

STEP 2 - In Outlook Options, select Trust Center.

STEP 3 - Under Microsoft Outlook Trust Center, select Trust Center Settings.

STEP 4 - In the Trust Center dialog box, select Automatic Download.

STEP 5 - Unselect Don't download pictures automatically in HTML email or RSS items.

STEP 6 - Select OK to close the Trust Center dialog box.

STEP 7 - Select OK to close the Outlook Options dialog box.


Optionally, you may choose to only download images from trusted senders only by re-selecting Step 5 and unselecting Permit downloads in email messages from senders and to recipients defined in the Safe Senders and Safe Recipients Lists used by the Junk Email filter.


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