Overall Body Leg Workout by Ndurance Fitness

Overall body leg workout 

3-4 rounds , 30 secs rest between exercises, 2 minutes rest after each round . You can add in weights if you have and want more of a challenge .

By Ndurance Fitness

1.Stationery Lunges -20 REPS PER LEG – keep your chest up and drive up through your heel.

By Ndurance Fitness

2. Step Ups– 20 REPS PER LEG- slow down the eccentric/ down part of the movement so you don’t come Furn too hard.

By Ndurance Fitness

3.Wall sits -30 secs to 1 minute- squeeze those flutes and keep that core tight

By Ndurance Fitness

4.Prisoner squats – 20 REPS

By Ndurance Fitness

5.Bulgarian Split Squat– 10 REPS PER LEG

By Ndurance Fitness

6.Single leg dead lift – 10 REPS PER LEG-  Beginner or b-stance and advanced stance shown. For the advanced stance keep hips level, do not let them tilt. You can also do this with or without a weight. Weight is held in the opposite hand and comes down towards the opposing leg. 

Enjoy and have fun!

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