Overall Leg Workout

By Ndurance Fitness

Warm up -30sec running butt kicks,

30 sec jumping jacks ;

30 sec high knees

Workout- 3-4 rounds of the following circuit ,30 secs in between exercises and 2 min rest at the end of the circuit.

Unilateral kneeling squats

1.Unilateral Kneeling Squat- really squeeze your flutes at the top of the movement ,work on that mind muscle connection. You can add a band in too to increase resistance. Attach it to something solid and put it around your hips, so you can pull against it as you come up.

Bulgarian Deficit Split Squat

2.Bulgarian Deficit Split Squat- you can add a band as I did ( although you barely see it as it is the same color with my pants) to increase the difficulty ,but even without the band they are tough.

Adductor Raise

3.Adductor  Raise- keep your core tight while doing this to keep yourself up.

4.Slow squat with Isohold at the bottom and slow coming up- 10 sec hold.

Lunge with an overhead pass

5.Lunge with an overhead pass.

Sliding hamstring Curl

6.Sliding hamstring curls- if you don’t have a floor surface that works with your shoes or socks,then try use a paper plate or plastic lid to create a surface that can slide.

Give this circuit a go and let us know how you feel about it !

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