Pilates for Lower Back Strength

By Kerryn Olivier

Lower back pain is probably the most common complaint I receive. The underlying misconception is that you need to stretch your back. No, you need to strengthen it! We spend 80% of our time in spinal flexion (hunching forward) and we don’t spend enough time on spinal extension. Especially because when you reverse it and place your spine in extension – it hurts, right? Remember, your back is made up of so many different muscles that require a workout too! Identify the difference between a muscular pain and a shooting nerve pain. Give this little Routine a go, attempt 2 sets of 10 reps and pair it with my hip flexibility routine!
Your back will feel good as new 🤍

About Kerryn Olivier

I am an accredited pilates, yoga and barre instructor with extensive knowledge following on from my credentials acquired in India and world renowned pilates training under my belt. I am passionate about my connection with my clients and I take pride in helping them achieve their personal goals. Alongside my fitness career, I am an experienced Makeup Artist and Hairstylist specialized in Weddings and Special Occasions as well as Fashion and Editorial.


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