Pink Triathlon Day

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The Zimbabwe Triathlon association held yet another excellent Pink Triathlon day yesterday morning at Mount Pleasant Swimming pool. They had well over a 130 participants – from toddlers to 68 year olds competing either in short course individual or team triathlons.

It was so good to see all the moms and dads helping their littlies swim across one length and then jump onto their tiny (3 wheeler in some cases)  bikes. A few of the dads looked like they’d really missed going to the gym during lockdown!

October has for a  long time been actively promoted worldwide as “Pink October” to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Well done to ZimWorx for coming to the party as the major sponsor – we are starting to see more and more companies doing their individual bits to help our community. All of the money from yesterday’s event will be donated to the Cancer Society and I spoke briefly to their Linda ( ) who told me that their drug stores have been diminished during the lockdown and they now only have enough for about 30 Breast Cancer patients. If you want to help their cause in any way please send an email to Junior at

Zim Triathlon must surely be one of the best organised sports in Zimbabwe and they have regular events on Sunday mornings – why don’t you think about joining in – a little hard work followed by good, competitive fun on the day. Contact Carol Pakenham ( ) for more details – see you soon – Mike G

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