We are delighted to bring you the ability to choose what you receive from us and a chance to support our network

  • Too many emails?

    Bambazonke Plus gives you full control of the type of emails we send to you.  From the Zimunda newsletter to employment emails to death notices - you get to choose what you want from Bambazonke

  • No more irrelevant advertising

    With Bambazonke Plus, you can turn off all advertising you receive from us with a single button!  For those that take advantage of the specials that some our local advertisers offer, you can also curate the type of advertising we send to you.

  • Exclusive Specials

    We plan to announce several specials on a monthly basis that will only be available to our premium subscribers such as travel specials, food bundle offers and more from our wonderful local advertisers.

  • Same great content

    Bambazonke will continue to deliver the same great community content with a slick and modern design that will suit your all your devices.


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