At a young age,
We learnt to say Amen to our mother’s breath,
We understood that every exhale was a prayer for us to inhale,
Our lungs got used to holding faith before air.

At a young age,
We learnt numbers by counting the pieces of our mother’s spine,
With every year we discovered a new piece
Further proving that she exists as an ageing angel forming wings,
Further proving that with every weight she had to carry God equipped her with a new back bone.

At a young age,
We flew kites into the sunset
and drove brick cars way past our curfews,
Our dusty feet rushed home
Just to collect a belt beating as a life lesson to never lose track of time.

Now that we are older we couldn’t wish more to be younger,
Now that we are older we are learning to carve hope into our mother’s hearts,

Now that I’m older,
My mother’s breath has become infused with heat,
She speaks warmly to the freezing parts of my shoulders that are failing to carry degrees.
She smiles to me like a porch,
All she lives to see one day is her sunrise (son rise).

-Kuda Rice

Kuda Rice is a 21 year old poet/spoken word artist who believes in moulding his art to speak truth in all spheres, be it social, political or spiritual. He did his first public performance at 1Zwi poetry jam, headed by Leonard Mukwenga, in 2017. Thereafter, many doors started opening for him in the performance circles. He features on ZBC’s Spoken Word program and has also showcased his craft at SoProfound’s Petals EP Launch, House of Hunger Poetry Slam, Page Poetry Alive, Andrew Manyika’s Just Married, Jibilika PEPFAR poetry slam, Gospel Soul Nights, and the 2019 LitFest Poetry Slam which he won, amongst many other performance platforms. He has had the privilege of being mentored by SoProfound, Umind?! and Morset Billie. He looks forward to constantly sharing his art with various audiences.

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