Roogs Kitchen

By Michell Svesve

Tess Arkwright is a seasoned chef, caterer and the head of “Roogs Kitchen Zimbabwe”, which started at the beginning of March 2020. The kitchen was created with a mission to develop scrumptious, healthy and affordable home-cooked meals suitable for any occasion. Tess works hand in hand with her lovely assistant Andrew Arkwright who fancies working in the kitchen and experimenting with different flavours and spices. 

Roogs Kitchen specialises in making pre-cooked meals ready to be heated in the microwave or finished off in the oven. Her menu boasts of a variety of food items, ranging from pizzas, quiches, soups, bread, lasagnes, roast chicken to sweets, biscuits and snacks. She also makes low carb meals and offers vegetarian dishes as well. Tess makes meals suitable for all dietary requirements and takes in requests for specific meals. She and her team also offer catering services, therefore if you have an event coming soon, I would recommend you get in touch with the kitchen. 

Tess also runs a successful cooking school in her front yard during the week. At the moment she and Andrew have been promoting their Jam and Marmalade collection. On offer are these flavours: blueberry, grapefruit, strawberry and guava jelly with mint. Order some for yourself now and expect to be delighted.

The perfect mother-son dual exists. Tess and Andrew love each other like no other and work together well and professionally as business partners do. Their journey began a long time ago and they are still pushing forward. There is so much to expect from them in the future because keeping busy is what keeps them smiling.

Images by Tamuka Nyoni

Originally published in the 120th Ndeipi Magazine

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