Rumbi Tauro : A rising star to look out for

Rumbi Tauro is a new upcoming singer bringing a fresh sound to R&B

Singer-songwriter Rumbi Tauro is an R&B/Soul artist. She has had a background in music from a young age. Starting off with being classically trained in piano and violin at the age of five. Alongside these musical instruments, Rumbi started to find her voice. The Process EP is her first ever body of work. The tracks appear to outline the 23-year-old’s personal journey of self-belief, finding herself and growing up and each track is laced with gorgeously emotive lyrics. ‘The Process’ is a four track EP, fully written by Rumbi. A journey following the transformation into a butterfly. The journey of love, the highs and lows that it can bring and most importantly – self discovery. Something that you thought was the end of your journey- turns out to be the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to you.

The EP is a soulful project- at times contemporary with hints of old school vibes. In Rumbi’s music you hear how she has mastered the art of accompanying her vulnerability alongside her power and strength. She brings a fresh sound that cannot be compared exactly to any voices heard within the industry before. The Process EP is a perfect introduction into who Rumbi is and it is only the beginning of what she has to offer.

Her future plans are to continue to grow as an artist, and surrounding herself with a team that support the vision. Rumbi is hoping to do a tour in 2021, and to really be able to connect with new music lovers. 

The Ep can be found on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal and Youtube 

Link tree to different platforms to stream the EP-

Instagram: @rumbitauro 



Twitter: @rumbitauromusic 

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