Running the marathon

By Naomie Happi

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

I often wonder what state of mind Marianne Williamson was in when she wrote the above quote? What could she have possibly witnessed that made her believe that we all, have something within us which enables us to achieve anything we set our minds to? l then started listing people who have achieved that which was once believed to be unobtainable and the first person who popped into my mind was the once humble farmer Eliud Kipchoge.

Last year the world was brought to a standstill when Eliud Kipchoge broke the two-hour marathon barrier, sprinting his way into making history, he managed to run the marathon in just 1:59:40. Even though this accomplishment was not recognized as an official world record, Eliud Kipchoge did more than just run a marathon under two hours on that cloudy morning in Vienna, Eliud Kipchoge showed the world that no human is limited but rather that we are powerful beyond measure.

This picture was taken by Leonhard Föger/Reuters
Eliud Kipchoge in the a white vest was bolting towards the finish line

The question we may find ourself asking today is, how can we attain our goals when the current pandemic has shifted our whole lifestyle? The world has once again come to a standstill and l can not help but wonder if this alternatively means that our dreams and goals should also be placed on standby?

Recently, Japan postponed the 2020 Olympic Games, news of this postponement was received by many with different sentiments, some thought this was the best decision made to keep athletes safe. Eliud Kipchoge had the same perspective and believes that the delayed Olympics could be a blessing in disguise. He said “it’s a great time for us to go back, train again and we will come back with a lot of energy,” With more time to train Kipchoge looks forward to defending his title in the upcoming marathons. Perhaps, we too should adopt this way of thinking. Use this time to your advantage and write the book you have always wanted to write or make a blueprint of the business you have always dreamt of starting, jot down those incredible ideas because one day they could become a reality. Take time to look within yourself and find that which in the long run will allow you to keep the momentum as you run the marathon of your life, try not to let your situation limit how big you dream but choose to become a human with no limit. Now is the time to act for a better tomorrow and it all starts with believing there is life after the standstill.

Comment below and let us know what you have been trying to achieve during this standstill and if you are now feeling inspired to become the next fastest marathon runner then make sure you take a look at our Health and Fitness page for more inspiration.

This picture was taken at the start of the race by Leonhard Föger/Reuters
This picture was taken by Lisi Niesner/Reuters
This picture was taken at the finish line by Bob Martin/AP

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