Safety Tips: Children walking to school

Drivers and riders – expect to see more children walking to school this month. Drive or ride slowly near schools or where you see young pedestrians – this month and every month.

DRIVE Zimbabwe Roadside Assistance is urging parents to make safety their number one priority on journeys to and from school.

Around a thousand children will be arriving at school. Their thoughts will focus on a new teacher, new classroom and making new friends, so we want to help their parents ensure there are as few risks as possible on their journeys to and from school.

One child casualty is one too many, Remaining calm, allowing plenty of time and avoiding any risky time-saving short cuts are the best strategies for new parents on the school run.

DRIVE Zimbabwe Roadside Assistance has compiled seven tips for parents and their children as the  school  begins:

  • Find out about any local safe walking initiatives that may operate at your child’s school. team up with neighbours and walk together. brush up your knowledge of the Highway Code, and establish safe routes and safe places to cross any roads.
  • Respect speed limits. Many areas around schools are subject to 20mph speed limits  
  • Respect the crossing patrol. Be patient and always be prepared to stop. Remember, it’s an offence not to stop at a patrol’s signal.

Think bright: kit your kids out with high visibility fluorescent or reflective jackets, vests or belts.

  • If you need to drive, then always allow plenty of time to park safely and legally. Don’t pull up on zig-zag lines outside a school, and respect residents by not blocking driveways and access points.

If you have older children who don’t need escorting into school, always make sure they get out in a safe location, and never let them step out into the road instead of the pavement.


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