Sandalwood Lodge

By Mike Garden

Harare has always been the premier Zimbabwean city for businessmen to research new or cement existing investment opportunities. As the city and its surrounds have grown so too has it become a place for tourists to add to their “Must see” list when visiting Zimbabwe.

Most visitors are only in Harare for a  short stay so it is very important to find good accommodation that is in the best location for their intended endeavours.

I was fortunate enough to spend an evening at the luxurious Sandalwood lodge situated in the centre of Mount Pleasant and very close to leading shopping centres and Restaurants.

The whole complex is self-contained with and ideal for the businessman who wants that feeling of being in the country. Classical music playing lightly in the background welcomes you into their very private world. They have just added three new executive suites on the other side of the central swimming pool and I was given the chance of experiencing it for myself.

The rooms all have high ceilings in a spacious living area (6*6m) plus an en-suite bathroom with the very latest design and fittings including a shower and Bath. The workstation next to the well-stocked fridge is a great space to place you laptop for catching up with email correspondence at the end of a busy day.

Being a tallish guy I am very particular about the bed, mattress and pillows. The extra-long king size unit with feather pillows and warm duvet did the job perfectly allowing for a long snug sleep in absolute quiet. I was woken at the break of dawn to the melodious chorus of the White -browed Robin-chat (Heuglin’s Robin).

There are now 15 rooms at Sandalwood but the overall design is such that one has that comforting feeling of privacy with plenty of different corners to read the latest Nzira Travel Zimbabwe magazine or to share a quiet drink with a colleague or partner.

Those guests wanting to keep to their exercise regimen have the full use of the in-house gym with the opportunity of completing the session with either a swim or a Sauna.

Upstairs in the main building is a small conference centre where company directors could, for instance, conduct a day-long seminar with teas and lunches all served within the confines of the lodge.

With so many guests coming from all parts of the world outgoing types who like to converse with strangers can meet all sorts of different folks from far and wide. © NZiRA Travel Zimbabwe Issue 14

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