Scissor Kicking into the Weekend!

By Charmaine Beattie

Scissors and Bicycles

If you a big fan of cycling, then Scissors and Bicycle exercises are the best for you. Why? Well, they both help with coordination in your legs as well as strengthen your quads, thereby making it easier when cycling. Both exercises also play a major role in easing lower back pain which can prove very useful when one is cycling.

Neck Pull

Always challenging to do without depending on the arm for help, however as time goes on try to do the neck pull with both hands behind your head. Neck pulls help strengthen your abdominal muscles as well your back. As such, this exercise also helps reduce back pain.

About Pilates Coach

Charmaine Beattie is a Pilates instructor at Definity Fitness, a bespoke Pilates studio, offering a selection of mat classes daily and regular scheduled reformer and equipment group sessions.

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