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Article and Images: Raynadine Monson

Raynadine Monson, Owner and Head Florist of a small florist and gifting business Sienna-Rose, offering nationwide deliveries

How it all began

The language of flowers and their ability to convey deep sentiments kindled my desire to create beauty through them that would touch people’s lives. The beauty of living in a digital age, and having access to social media, allows you to learn anything virtually in under a day. Through a tutorial video on YouTube, I learnt the basics of the art of floristry. My creative flair combined with the birth of my new passion inspired me to push out of my comfort zone, for the next three years until such time I was ready to take my hobby to the next stage. In 2015 I enrolled with dalton and bloom Under the leadership of Karen Dalton who is an amazing Floral designer making waves in the South African event industry. In 2019 I then enrolled with the SA School of weddings under Khali Collins where I obtained the necessary skills to become an event stylist, coordinator, and planner.

My Inspiration

So many things inspire me. As Steve Jobs once said, “the more things you have to connect, the better your ideas will become”. The world around me is my creative playground, what you see depends on what you look for. Engaging with my surrounding has always inspired me but my greatest inspiration is from within. The need to do something meaningful, acts of kindness, travel, social media and other professionals in the same industry also inspire me. My business is named after my daughter, her enthusiasm and ability to find beauty in everything has fueled my long-term passion, motivation to keep acquiring new skills and keep the momentum going.

Our eclectic range of arrangements:

We offer a variety of flower arrangements, and with each one presentation is key. Each arrangement is made with love and understanding of our clients needs. We uphold high standards and through our signature style we have come up with arrangements to suit every aesthetic style.

  • Our signature hand-tied bouquet Which comes in three sizes petite, standard, and deluxe
  • Vintage garden Quaint flower box with the whimsy appeal
  • Love envelope Inspired by the traditional way we once conveyed our feelings
  • Window to my heart charming farmhouse design
  • Succulent caddy
  • Mason jar arrangement which also comes in three sizes petite standard and deluxe
  • Florals in a bag quirky large arrangement in a hessian Handheld bag
  • The ever so popular hat box comes in two different styles; classic and elegant and our absolute favorite is the rustic hatbox

Understanding Your Flowers

We are absolutely honoured to share a little flower knowledge with you this month of love. Nontraditional locally-sourced Valentine’s flowers we Love and their meanings are as follows;

  • Sunflowers: adoration, loyalty good luck, and longevity
  • Carnations: love admiration good fortune pride and beauty, fascination distinction
  • Craspedia: Good health
  • Gerbera: innocence, cheerfulness, and joy
  • Daisy: innocence, purity, motherhood, and new beginnings
  • Waxflower: lasting love, patients and enduring wealth
  • Protea: change, transformation, and courage
  • Chrysanthemum: fidelity, joy, optimism end long life
  • Calla Lily: purity, sympathy, and beauty

The most traditional choice for Valentine’s day is the red rose. Red roses are the ultimate symbol of love romance passion respect beauty and courage. Red and white roses Mixed are a popular choice for Valentine’s as they signify unity.

The number of roses and feelings they convey:

  • 1 rose- love at first sight
  • 2 roses- mutual love
  • 3 roses- I love you
  • 6 roses- I wanna be yours
  • Seven roses- I’m infatuated with you
  • 9 roses- eternal love, together as we live
  • 10 roses- you are perfect
  • 11 roses- you are my treasured one, the one I love most in my life
  • 12 roses- be my steady
  • 13 roses- secret admirer
  • 15 roses- I am truly sorry, please forgive me
  • 20 roses- believe me, I am sincere towards you
  • 21 roses I am devoted to you
  • 24 roses- can’t stop thinking about you 24 hours every day
  • 33 roses- I love you with great affection
  • 36 roses- I will remember our romantic moments
  • 40 roses- my love for you is genuine
  • 50 roses- regretless love, this is
  • 99 roses I will love you for as long as I live
  • 100 roses- remaining devoted as a couple till ripe old age

A list of non-traditional rose colours and their meanings

  • White roses- new beginnings, purity, heavenly, innocence, youthfulness and hope
  • Yellow roses- Friendship, delight, joy, welcome back, new beginnings, and grace
  • Pink- sweetness, sympathy, and admiration
  • Deep pink- appreciation, and gratitude
  • Coral- desire
  • Orange- fascination, desire, and enthusiasm
  • Peach- gratitude, closing the deal, sincerity, and appreciation
  • Lavender- love at first sight, enchantment, and charm

We hope this information will make decision making easier as you select flowers for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

Contact details:

If you would like to order flowers for your loved ones, or any occasion please get in touch with us on


T: 0772 321 620

Instagram: sienna_rose_zw

Originally published in the 121st Ndeipi Magazine

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