Spoken Word Poetry: Kana Ndodetemba

By Hey Hey Preacher

The piece sheds light on my current state of mind. How lately, I have been in a good space, creatively speaking. How I am self-aware, yet not selfish and individualistic. Hence, I am using my voice not only as a form of expression but as a helping hand in my community. In the piece, I am reverting Glory back to God and speaking on the relationship I have with Him.

This poem is a reflection of what I mean when I say that I am a Contemporary Hip Hop and Spoken Word Artist.

Leonard Takudzwa Mukwenga, a founding member of 1ZWI Poetry Jam, is a Zimbabwean based spoken word artist locally known as Hey Hey Preacher. He writes poems and performs his own material. He has a unique passion for standing up for others therefore he usually touches on social issues affecting his community. In his poems, he tackles domestic violence, child abuse, mental health awareness etc. According to the young poet, the love for humanity is what drives him. In an article in the Zim Influencers magazine, Leonard said, ‘I strongly believe that I am my brother’s keeper. And if it is within my abilities to make someone’s life better, I ought to do so. Poetry then becomes a means, to heal my generation’.

You can connect with him on the following platforms:

Instagram – @heyheypreacher

Facebook – The Hey Hey Preacher – Spoken Word Poetry

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