Squat on Tuesday !

By Charmaine Beattie

Dynamic Squats

A low impact cardio session with squats and reaches and taps … don’t lose the squat in the movement. Make sure you squat deep every time and really drive those hips forward and move.

Squat Down Low

Working deeper into those squats and keeping it low and real and engaged ,keep those hips down and stay low. Dig deep.

Squat Squat Squat

Squat from the weekend as we continue with the lockdown. Press those hips out behind you and keep your chest up and keep smiling and breathing.

Keep moving on and enjoy the Tuesday workout.

Charmaine Beattie is a Pilates instructor at Definity Fitness, a bespoke Pilates studio, offering a selection of mat classes daily and regular scheduled reformer and equipment group sessions.

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Featured image from Pixabay

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