Still, I Rise

By Keith Ndlovu

The reason why I mainly focus on human portraits is that I am intrigued by the human form and function (the reason why I am studying medicine). Drawing allows me to explore this with a pencil and ATTEMPT to capture what truly is an amazing design. The reflection of the light on skin creases, the pimples, the spots… you can get lost in the detail you find here, at least I do. I have no doubt we indeed are wonderfully made. Whether it is by design or by chance is an entirely personal matter….

Subject: Lewis Hamilton

Charcoal on paper
A0 (110×87cm)
100 hours

Video of my drawing process of Lewis Hamilton.

Audio Credits: Mercedes AMG F1
Music: Sandiselwe Ncube (IG: thelifeofafly)

Keith Ndlovu is a self taught pencil artist who focuses on photorealistic art.

You can connect with Keith here:
Instagram: zimbabwean_da_vinci
Twitter: keithndlovu1
Facebook: Keith Ndlovu
YouTube: Keith Ndlovu

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