Sunny Friday =Outdoor Ab workouts!

By Shirley Spreeth

What are the benefits of Ab workouts ?

•If you are an athletic person, working out on your abs can prove beneficial as it focuses on your core muscles which are vital when it comes to maintaining strength and stability during sports.

•Working out on your abs is important as it lowers back pain. How? Well it focuses on your lower Abdominal muscles , therefore the more you exercise them the stronger they get.

•The more you work on your abs the easier it will get for you when it comes to lifting up weights. Unlike someone who has weak abdominal muscles, you can bear the pain of heavy weights more than someone who doesn’t even do abdominal workouts at all. Ab workouts strengthen your torso and give you a firmer base when lifting weights.

Instructions to the workout are in the video

Be sure to enjoy !

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Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

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