Sunrises and Sunsets

By Tino Nyandoro

I can confidently say that the sun will rise and set every day, for the rest of our lives. I like the predictability and inevitability of this fact. It’s undeniable. However, in its predictability, is the unpredictability of what kind of sunrise and sunset it will be (visually), and that’s my obsession. I will always enjoy photographing the different moods and tones that come with each sunset and sunrise.

A cellphone image of a beautiful Nyanga sunset.

I’m often asked what my favourite type of photography is and even though I love portraiture and wedding photography, I find myself always leaning towards landscape photography, in particular, sunsets and sunrises. Due to the fact that I am a self taught photographer (thank you YouTube), I experimented a lot in order to gain confidence and experience. I found it hard to approach people to ask them if I could take a few shots of them, so landscapes were the easiest go to subject. Never complaining and always ready for any photo opportunity.

My favourite place to take sunrise and sunset photos is Kariba when I am out on a trip on a houseboat. Endless views of the sky and water in almost every direction plus the reflection of the sky on the water makes for amazing dramatic photos, even before editing. My friends and family have even become used to the fact that I’m up by 4 am to prep for sunrise photos and I also disappear at golden hour, preparing for the sunsets. I am unapologetic about that.

My favourite sunset image, ever. Spurwing, Kariba.

Recently, I was part of the Art Fest held at Wild Geese Lodge, where I sold some of my photographs and take a guess what one of the crowd favourites was? A sunset picture of Spurwing Island in Kariba. So many people passed by and mentioned they had so many fond memories of trips there. Some didn’t say a word, but their smiles told a story. That’s ultimately my goal as a photographer. I want my work to speak to people and most importantly, resonate with them on a personal level. To make you feel like you are back there in a happy space, a happy place.

Do me a favour the next time you see a beautiful sunset or sunrise: take a photo of it. Professional camera, disposable camera, smartphone, tablet, abacus, it doesn’t matter; just take that photo. Look at that photo a week, a month, a year later and tell me it doesn’t make you feel a certain warmth and joy inside. Welcome to my world.

A striking Kariba sunset

I’ve provided my links below should you want to have a look at more of my work and hopefully purchase some of it.

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