Swift Transport- 75 in business and still going strong

By Kerne Mackie

Swift Transport, the brand synonymous with the distribution of freight both big and small to depots around Zimbabwe, turns 75 years young this March.

Swift Transport Services was incorporated on 16 March 1946. It started with just two depots, one in Harare and one in Bulawayo. Over the last seve15n decades, other transport operations were acquired, subsequently growing the fleet and the depot footprint. Swift’s roots from its inception 75 years ago has been in all aspects of transport. The ability to move diverse freight of any size from all industries to destinations across the nation have solidified its distinguished reputation not only with other operators but its valued customers alike.

Through its six service offerings, Swift Courier Express, Swift Express, Swift Freight, Swift Full Loads, Mutakuri Crop Transport and International Courier services through sister brand SkyNet, an average of 1500 consignments moves countrywide daily. This is a large operation and for the essential services to be streamlined and efficient, involves bringing together decades of experience in logistics, supply chain movement and freight storage and movement. Swift offers a convenient, cost-effective door to door service for all – from Business to Business nationwide distribution, to an individual needing to send ahead a couple of boxes of catering supplies from Harare to a houseboat on Kariba, where the boxes are conveniently loaded before they arrive.

The Swift history is long, it has weathered many transitions, from political and economic to environmental and even a global pandemic, making the Swift brand dynamic, resilient and well respected. 

Listed under Unifreight Africa Limited on the Zimbabwe Stock exchange – Swift Transport has the largest Depot Network of any other transport operator in the country, a total of 35, strategically located depots situated in all major cities and towns throughout Zimbabwe. This allows Swift to move its diverse cargo nationwide through this network and can guarantee delivery to all major destinations within 48 hours, with Express and Courier services delivered within 24 hours.

Rob Kuipers, CEO of Unifreight Africa Limited, “It is a privilege and an honour to be part of the team that is seeing the Swift brand reach its 75th-anniversary milestone, it is no mean feat in this day and age. It is remarkable to also note that the business continues to grow and diversify and even though I may not be around to witness it, I have every faith in the knowledge that it will be celebrating 100 years in 2046. Swift is bigger than some of its parts, it has a depth of history and a pulse from the men and women who have built it and will continue to grow it and ensure its future. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the many valued customers who have been part of this journey and who continue to support us. ”

Swift Transport would not operate without its dedicated team or its impressive fleet. The Swift fleet is vast and varied, with 232 vehicles and 226 trailers available to the operations department for freight movement. The fleet is divided between the long-haul inter-city routes and collection and delivery services for intra-city freight movement. 

There are over 800 members of staff, both men and women, who work together across the different departments. These teams are experts in their respective fields and bring their hands-on experience to the business ensuring freight operations continue across the board, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every department can dovetail its specific function for the business to ensure streamlined transport for all six of its service offerings.

Swift Transport is a proudly Zimbabwean operator. It looks forward to maintaining its position as a transport leader and the local Hero delivering nationwide.

Originally published in the first newsletter issue of Ndeipi

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