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By Naomie Happi

The Covid-19 virus has been labelled as the biggest crisis since World War II. The rapid spread of the virus has resulted in critical shortage of PPE and commercial masks, all around the World.

Although it is argued that masks cannot prevent someone from catching the virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend the non-surgical masks for general protection. This can aid in slowing the spread of the virus and help those who may be asymptomatic and have no idea that they have the virus. Many Governments are now making masks wearing mandatory, and as such the demand of the masks has increased. The fashion industry globally has stepped in to help with the surge, pivoting their production businesses to focus on churning out masks.

Kusika Tailoring upon the announcement by WHO that Covid-19 was declared a Global Pandemic, started researching fabrics that were breathable and could be used by health care workers as they travel to and from clinics and hospitals. Health care workers are at great risk of being infected, and their likelihood of infection is more than 3 times as high as the general population. As health care workers have to wear N95 masks when handing patients, Kusika felt it was important for them to save these limited masks and equip them with non-surgical masks during their travel.

Kusika went on to produce quality controlled 100% cotton non-surgical masks and have been donating masks to healthcare workers, across the Country. Kusika aims to reach 50 000 donated masks by the end of May 2020. This initiative is important to us Kusika said to provide assistance and aid, being receptive to those requiring help in our communities.

Kusika is also selling single masks and in bulk, the bulk order can be delivered anywhere in Zimbabwe.

For more information contact them via;

Whatsapp or Call: +263 776 613 308

Email: info@madebykusika.com

Social pages: @madebykusika

Web: www.madebykusika.com/covid-19-response

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