TEEN DRIVERS TIPS FOR THE FESTIVE SEASON …..A little preparation can go a long way to ensure a safe, stress-free holiday season for new teen drivers and their concerned parents – LIKE YOU!

Be sure to read our 7 teen driver tips if your teenager will be driving during this festive season. Concerned parents always worry about their teen drivers whenever they pull out of the driveway. However, the level of anxiety tends to heighten during potentially dangerous times, like the Christmas and New year Daybreak when teens drive to places other than just school or home.


Statistics prove that caring parents have a good reason to be concerned. According to our survey, driving fatalities rise dramatically during the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Teen drivers have to deal with not only making their own wise decisions but also the consequences of other drivers that may make poor ones. “When people hit the roads in mass, it can be a deadly time, especially for teens.


Drive Zimbabwe Roadside Assistance urges everyone on the road to be extra diligent about the dangers of impaired driving. According to the latest data, one in eight of all licensed drivers who drink at least occasionally reported having driven when they thought their alcohol level might have been close to, or possibly over, the legal limit in the past year. So, what’s a concerned parent to do? Talk to your teen driver about the dangers that the holidays present on the roads. It’s the perfect time to set boundaries. “It’s important for parents to set rules and stick with them, especially over the holidays,”


1. Teen driver tips: Don’t let your teen drive whenever they want
Teens with easy access to a vehicle are more likely to crash than those who have to “ask for permission” and have a more structured approach.

2. Teen driver tips: The longest 500km  for teens and parents
A teenager’s first 500 km of driving are the most dangerous. During that time, they’re 10 times more likely to crash than an adult. Set rules and enforce them, especially over the holidays.

3. Teen driver tips: Practice safe driving
Don’t forget to buckle up. Observe the speed limit, be well-rested and alert, don’t follow cars too closely, and make frequent stops or rotate drivers. Set a good example for your teen driver.

4. Teen driver tips: Limit the distractions
One of the most dangerous distractions is using a cell phone while driving. Put that phone down! Most teens follow similar driving habits of their parents. So, don’t use your cell phone (reading emails included, even at stoplights).

5. Teen driver tips: Avoid the most popular highways, if at all possible
Navigating busy highways presents its own set of challenges during the holiday travel period. Traffic can choke heavily travelled routes try to avoid the busiest highways, especially between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

6. Teen driver tips: Be aware of changing weather conditions
Rainy weather can be tricky at times. While it’s sunny and mild in one place, it can be rainy or mist in another. When travelling over the holidays, be sure to check the weather forecast before heading out.

7. Teen driver tips: Pack an emergency kit
Make sure your teen driver has some essentials in the car. Jumper cables, a jack and lug wrench, Drive Zim Hotlines Numbers 0780 579 261/  0718 084 297 / 0736 523 424 could all come in handy should a problem arise.

The New Normal? Old Normal? With COVID-19 it can be hard to tell what’s what anymore. But remember, the driving limits for alcohol remain unchanged. 

Driving under the influence of alcohol can have devastating consequences for you, your family and others! As the festive season starts to heat up remember to book for Drive Zimbabwe Roadside Assistance Vehicle Safety Checks… before your journey.

Each day, your car easily takes you where you need to go. You drive from home to the office and back. You use it to run errands like going to the gym, doing the grocery shopping, and taking the kids to school or sports practice.

Your car is a dependable machine, so it comes as no surprise that you want to use it on your upcoming road trip. Whether you’re leaving the town for a business trip or a family vacation, you expect your car to be as reliable as it’s ever been. Even if your car has reliably transported you or your loved ones around your neighbourhood, a road trip is a bigger commitment—and the trip can put a lot of strain on your vehicle. Though you may get your oil and other fluids changed regularly,  Safety Checks is needed before you hit the road.

Before your trip, however, it is advisable to take your car to  Zimbabwe Roadside Assistance, which has launched the Drive Vehicle Safety Checks which assists motorists to get their vehicles checked in the comfort of their homes.

Get a vehicle safety check and road test before you travel or sending to your mechanic:

  • Up to 206 checks per car
  • Same-day feedback: a written report within one day
  • Fixed-rate, no hidden costs
  • Impartial advice to help you understand your vehicle condition

From as little as $15 for Drive Zim members ($20 for non-members),  What do Technical Officers check during each vehicle safety check?

1. Lighting Equipment

2. Steering System

3. Braking  System

4. Suspension System

5. Tyres

6. Engine and Transmission

A vehicle safety from Drive Zimbabwe Roadside Assistance can help identify any hidden problems you may not be aware of which could lead to costly repairs. Call us or Whatsapp at 0780 579 261/0718 084 297 / 0736 523 424 Email:info@drivezim.co.zw. our Technical Officer will be at your doorstep.

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