The Choice Children’s Choir

By Bright Gwati 

The main choir

The Choice Children’s Choir was founded in 2017 by the Music and Cultural Director, Bright Gwati. It is run by 3 distinguished music directors and a board of trustees. Founded with the vision of celebrating Zimbabwean Culture and taking young Zimbabwean talent to the world stage, the Choir works with singers from the ages of 10 to 16. Children from diverse backgrounds are accepted after a tough audition process. In 2018 The Choice Children’s Choir represented Zimbabwe at the World Choir Games in Tshwane South Africa in which they attained a Silver Diploma – 1.56 points away from a Gold. Whilst at the games they performed in the Africa Legacy Concert in the 8500 Seater Sun Arena hosted by the City and the Executive Mayor of Tshwane. This was a truly humbling experience.

Mwene Mutapa Live

Despite the challenging economic environment, the choir continues to grow from strength to strength. They, in partnership with the National Arts Council and Hartmann House, are filming a production of the Mbira Musical Mwene  Mutapa. Set in Great Zimbabwe, the story is one of adventure, trickery and collusion with the lead character, Nyatsimba Mutota trekking across the vast landscapes of Mutapa. This production is set to be distributed across schools in Zimbabwe in order to foster cultural awareness. It is also a celebration of  Mbira music and culture which is an intangible Heritage of the Zimbabwean people. We hope that Mwene Mutapa will be a story that feeds into the growing movement of appreciating Africanness and awakens Zimbabweans in finding their identity through their history. This production seeks to fight the current trend of Zimbabwean children being educated and raised to be strangers in their own lands.

Ndeipi Magazine, Issue 113

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