The Conservation Games

By Zambesia Conservation Alliance

The Zambesia Conservation Alliance (Not-For-Profit) has initiated a movement called #SportForConservation that kick started The Conservation Games. The goal behind this is to drive awareness for wildlife conservation and ultimately provide support to front line conservation efforts. These heroes in the field are struggling due to the Covid-19 effects that is, a loss of tourism revenue.

The Conservation Games are a first of their kind and are bringing some of Africa’s favorite sporting heroes together in a competitive virtual “face-off” encounter online, that is already enthusing, inspiring and educating a diverse audience. A series of battles are taking place as players from different teams are going head to head in a war of knowledge, humor and words.

The games are currently in the 3rd week of matches and have gained some traction from viewers to sponsors (both in kind; lodges offering bed-nights, players offering signed memorabilia for auction and retail outlets offering food-parcels and monetary contributions in various currencies). The first monetary donations have been made to VAPU and BHAPU, which will help the anti-poaching scouts on duty; an anti-poaching unit of 15 scouts requires an approximate USD 8,000 per month to carry out their duties. The games are exciting for sports fans eager to see how their favorite players endure in an environment away from their comfort zones. The games are also appealing to the occasional sports lovers and even non-sports people who simply want to be entertained by a masterfully crafted series of episodes.

Sports trivia and fascinating conservation messages have been woven together to create an intriguing mix of exciting information. The platform is interactive, and audiences are encouraged to participate and have their say. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel “Conservation Games” Zambesia Conservation Alliance has partnered with the Zimbabwe based Savannah Conservation Trust, and if you would like to make a donation you can contact them directly for the CABS banking details”


Images by Zambesia Conservation Alliance

Originally Published in the 2nd Issue of Nzira Travel Newletter

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