The Ginger Tree- A local antique furniture and vintage shop

By Nicola Norton

How we started & where we are now

The Ginger Tree was founded in 2012 when two friends discovered that their local antique, furniture, and vintage shop had closed . Carmen and Natalie were inspired to open their own, choosing a whimsical name suggested by a family member and a vintage building to house their vintage wares.

The business changed ownership in 2017 and has been running under Ruth- owner, entrepreneur, and visionary who pours her creativity into The Ginger Tree to ensure it never stops growing, the truth is in the blooming! Despite all the setbacks that came with 2020, we welcomed the year with an expansion through our online store and the inclusion of our new sister company, Calisa & Co (a clothing and beauty boutique). Our team continues to grow as do our dreams. 

What we do

At The Ginger Tree, we CREATE and CURATE COLLECTIONS of furniture, décor, and gifts – to INSPIRE those who visit and to be a one-stop-shop for those who appreciate being able to find a quality, beauty, and good value under one “tree”. We CREATE many of the pieces in our furniture and decor collections, as well as look locally and abroad to CURATE collections that will not only meet the needs of our customers but also INSPIRE visitors to our store. Although we started as vintage and antique store, we plan to keep our classic roots but also spread our ‘branches’ to include current trends. Our collections are made up of pieces that are antique, vintage, new, and in-between.


Our gifts are easy on the eye and functional. We receive so much joy from helping people give their loved ones meaningful gifts as such we created the website so that those who live outside of Zimbabwe can easily gift their friends and family who reside locally.


With a range of locally-made chandeliers; faux olive trees; vintage Schweppes crates; ceramic knobs; hand-woven rugs and ceramic pot planters- our décor collections are curated with every inch of your home or building in mind.


Our aim is to stock furniture that not only fulfills its role of providing seating, storage, display space, serving, or eating surface, but that resonates with your sense of beauty. We love antique and vintage pieces, not only for the character and story they tell but, because it means our customers can have pieces that they will be unlikely to come across in any other home or interior space.

One of the benefits of being part of The Ginger Tree is the privilege of seeing and passing on history through antique and vintage finds. However, not only everything we find is antique or ready to use, so our workshop takes on the task of transforming what some people would put in a firewood pile, into one-of-a-kind pieces to characterise a home or workspace.

We are very proud of our carpenters, workshop assistants, upholsterers, and carvers who also make many of our pieces from scratch. Our collection of Ginger Tree Originals is something we love to add to and currently includes our Oregon pine “X” furniture, our pull-out pantry, and our pressed-metal box collection. 

Our workshop and team of craftsmen mean that we not only create furniture for the shop, but we can also update, repair, upholster and refurbish existing pieces for customers, as well as take on built-from-scratch custom orders. Getting a quote is an easy process you can find more about on our website under “Custom Orders”.

If you need some inspiration, a fresh look for your home, office, or entertainment space, or just a little pick-me-up for yourself or a friend, find us online or visit us in-store – we would love to meet you.

Images by The Ginger Tree

Originally published in the 7th Ndeipi Magazine

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