The Healthy Mind

With Dr. Olga Filippa Nel, Clinical Psychologist

Clutter affects us more than we realise, by influencing our moods, thoughts and behaviours. It can even lower our self-esteem. This is because there is a significant connection between clutter and mental health.

Peter Walsh, host of the “Clean Sweep Show”, divides clutter into two types, which he refers to as “Memory” clutter, that is the stuff that reminds us of important events and “Someday” clutter, items we keep because we think that we might need them someday.

Regardless of type, clutter is just not healthy for us. The good news is that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and by decluttering we can benefit both ourselves and others. Here are some more reasons why clearing out that closet and tidying our workspace is a wonderful way to improve our overall wellbeing:

Decluttering improves our confidence and self-efficacy. It teaches us decision-making and problem-solving skills and makes us more assertive.  It is also energising, as it puts us into action mode which translates into heightened motivation.

Symptoms of anxiety and even depression are alleviated by creating a sense of order in our lives and making us feel more in control.  The process of decluttering also distracts our emotional brain from those worrisome thoughts and negative self-talk. Stress is reduced and a sense of calm is achieved.

De-cluttering our workspace has significant benefits too. It increases our ability to focus, boosts productivity, enhances efficiency and even promotes creativity.

Begin mindfully tackling that clutter today and you will soon reap far-reaching benefits.

Live mindfully and blossom!

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