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With Dr. Olga Filippa Nel, Clinical Psychologist

We are well past the halfway mark of 2020 and it is my guess that, in this crazy Covid-19 year, many of your New Year’s resolutions have gone by the wayside. Let me ask you, are all those wonderful goals and intentions that were so exciting, so inspiring at the beginning of the year still applicable?

It is highly likely that at least some are no longer feasible and that your efforts to stay focused and on track have been thwarted by the “new normal”. That is, of course, understandable! But how long are you willing to sit around hoping for things to return to the “old normal”? If you are honest with yourself, you are just procrastinating. And the reality is that the longer you wait, the harder it is to regain your momentum.

So here is this week’s challenge. I invite you to take the time to review your goals and aspirations, to make adjustments where necessary and to take off with renewed enthusiasm and determination. Start with visualising where you want to be, by clarifying your goals. Vision boards are a great way to do this but use any method you are comfortable with. Remember that it is the feelings associated with achieving the goals that propel you forward and keep you on the right course!

Next, try to set yourself just one small, short-term goal and try to achieve it quickly. There is nothing like action and a sense of accomplishment to inspire renewed energy and to dispel those feelings of discouragement. There is still plenty of time to end the year on a high note, if you just believe you can do it.

“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out” (Coach John Wooden) so reset, realign and restart today!

Live mindfully and blossom!

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