“The Hope” Doctor Jane Goodall

By Naomie Happi РPokam 

“Every single one of us, every single day, we make some impact on the plant and we have a chose as to what impact we make.”– Doctor Jane Goodall.


Mankind, like a bear during hibernation, has secluded itself from the world and has gone into self-isolation, allowing nature to flourish and animals to roam freely. In 1970, approximately 20 million people came together and celebrated the first official Earth Day. Since then, the earth has drastically changed and the question most environmentalists have been asking is whether humanity will learn from this pandemic to once again take care of the earth. One of these activists is, Doctor Jane Goodall, a renowned anthropologist who has dedicated her life to changing peoples perspective of nature. This year, Doctor Jane Goodall shares with the world “The Hope”, a documentary film on her vast living legacy. The film was released yesterday on national Earth Day as a reminder to the world that we are all interconnected therefore, we should take care of the earth especially during these unprecedented times. When asked about her views in regards to this years’ Earth Day she replied saying, “Earth Day prompts us to consider what changes each person can make.”

Accomplishing so much at the age of 86. Doctor Jane Goodall has not stopped working, recently, she has been working her hardest to ignite positive change globally. Travelling extensively to and from Jane Goodall Institute to help inspire young conservationist to make a difference. She suggests that we can all become active conservatives by planting trees or even donating money to plant trees, we can help conserve the earth.

Well known for her 60-year study held in Gombe National Park, Tanzania on the wild chimpanzees and their social interactions, Doctor Jane Goodall believes that it is because we have disregarded our place in the natural world and disrespected the environment and animals that the wreckless virus COVID-19 erupted, altering the world as we know it. “Viruses can jump from animals to humans. Viruses can spill over onto humans in situations like our intensive farming with animals, and also in the meat markets in Asia and Africa. It’s because of our lack of respect for the environment that this terrible COVID-19 virus has shut down the world.”

Lately, it has been brought to the attention of many that with the implementation of the lockdown, skies that have been polluted for so long became brightly clear, and blue again, perhaps this is the sign of the “The Hope” Doctor Jane Goodall advocates for the world to have.

Doctor Jane Goodall is known for being the trailblazer for many environmental causes, some people perceive her to be the perfect personification of a modern-day hero who exemplifies the huge difference one passionate person can make in the world. Today, ask yourself which troublesome world issues you are passionate about and how would you or could you change them? Let us know in the comment section below because, “Every single one of us, every single day, we make some impact on the plant and we have a chose as to what impact we make.” – Jane Goodall.

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