The Legend that is Patrick Mavros

By Louise McAllister

His charisma, charm and sheer presence fill the biggest of spaces, while his minute attention to detail reaches into the tiniest of places. Whether old or young, whether addressing a single child or a hall full of people, when Patrick Mavros tells a tale, everyone listens.

And so it is with the pieces he creates out of sterling silver. Every piece tells a tale and every one has a story, Painstakingly handmade with immaculate attention to detail, every single Patrick Mavros design has been woked on by the man himself, or one of his four sons.

Since he carved his very first pair of earrings as a gift for his lovely young bride, Catja, over 40 years ago , Patrick Mavros has been unstoppable. ” I have been a soldier, a baker, and a candlestick -maker,” Patrick laughs. But the real secret to his success, he says, is a simple combination of family, a proudly Zimbabwean heritage, hard work and a passion for excellence.

Place the feet of a tiny member of Patrick’s Named Ele Herd in a piece of plasticine, and the footprints it leaves behind are an exact and tiny replica of the real giant. Such as the minuscule detail that goes into each masterpiece.

From its humble origins, it has grown into a family-run business that spans the globe. With flagship stores in London and Nairobi and state-of-the-art workshops and studios in Harare and Mauritius, Patrick Mavros has become Africa’s definitive luxury brand.

In spite of this, the world-acclaimed brand has never lost that personal touch. Every single Patrick Mavros piece has been inspired, designed and handled by a member of the Mavros family before it reaches its final destination,and its final destination could be anywhere in the world favoured by kings, and world leaders, authors and actors, models and international moguls alike, you’d be forgiven for assuming that owning a piece of Patrick Mavros would be out of reach for the ordinary person.

“I have made sculptures as big as a tabletop, and pieces that have taken years to perfect, such was their intricacy and size., but I always tell the people who visit me at my studio at home in Harare the same thing – my success is forged from the tiniest rings and the smallest pairs of earrings. They are my most important pieces – I will never lose sight of that.”

Inspired by nature, and the animals that surround them , Patrick, Catja and their four sons each bring a unique strength to the family and to the business.They are passionate about Africa, and are fiercely proud of their Zimbabwean heritage. The family places huge emphasis on adding value to Zimbabwean natural resources and this is done through a combination of the artistic skill of Zimbabweans and state of the art technology.

Their work does not end there. Conservation, educational and anti-poaching , initiatives are extensive; Patrick Jnr’s Pangolin range bearing unique testament to this. This designer range was launched in London in 2016 and has helped to put the world’s most trafficked mammal at the forefront of conservation awareness.

If you haven’t yet visited the Patrick Mavros studio in Harare, you are missing out. Nestled on a hill in the Umwinsi Valley, the story goes that Patrick Snr built the window frame of the studio before he laid a single foundation. His team walked around carrying the frame under Patrick’s careful direction until he could see the perfect view within its four borders, and that is where the rest of the studio came to rest…Whether this is true, or whether it is a rural myth that has become part of the legend that is Patrick Mavros, it is nevertheless arguable the most magnificent view in Harare.

A visit to this magical location is simply a must. Whether you meet the man himself, or not; whether you come away with a perfectly wrapped piece of jewellery or not; whether you have time for a tour of the workshop, or not; you will most certainly leave enriched, and infused with the romance and passion that is, quite simply, Patrick Mavros.

Address: Patrick Mavros, Haslemere Lane, Umwinsidale, Harare.

Cell: +263 (0) 772 165 555 +263 (0) 772 165 556

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