The One by John Marrs

By Rutendo Makubika

What if you could find your soulmate through a DNA test? Forget the endless cycles of dating disappointments, one test to produce one name, would you do it? What if you have already found your other half, would you want to know if he or she is meant to be?

This book follows five strangers as they go through the process of finding their one through DNA match kits. Some are married, in relationships, single and one is a serial killer. You read that right. Even some serial killers want to love. Once you decide to jump down that rabbit hole, there is no going back when you receive a name. But, just because you know who your perfect match is, it does not guarantee they are perfect. People still have secrets and some are deadlier and more shocking than others.

The thing I love about John Marrs’ books is that he takes trending topics like self-driving cars and DNA test kits and takes them to the extremes of the what if spectrum. We are all thinking it but, he dares ask the question, what if you could find your soulmate through a DNA test? A simple swap sample that turns into resources readily available at your fingertips. They could be anyone, of any age from anywhere in the world. A foolproof DNA test that will determine with absolute certainty that one person you are genetically made for, would you dare and let curiosity get the best of you? My advice, READ IT!

I have been an avid reader since my teens when I was introduced to my first classic book, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. That was the start of my love affair with books. I am always on the lookout for new reads so bring on your recommendations if you have any. Happy Reading!

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