Tiger Safaris, Chirundu

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I have seldom been successful at Tiger Fishing on Lake Kariba – this is probably due to the fact that one has to first go out and catch live Bream or Chessa so that you can have fresh, fish fillets to use as lures for the unsuspecting Tiger Fish

This weekend Tim Balance invited me to come down to spend the weekend at Tiger Safaris  with a few of my Bindu Media Team. None of them had ever caught a fish before. We were all up early on the first morning headed off to our first trawling canal some 10 minutes downstream from the camp. After a quick lesson on the basics of Tiger fishing and plenty of live bait on board, we had our first cast and all sat down to wait for the first strike. Perfect weather with a few clouds hiding the sun at convenient intervals I imagined a long day ahead with our 3 novices.

Low and behold just 10 minutes later on of the ladies had a jumper! – that wonderful sight of a Tiger caught at the end of one’s line jumping high into the sky to try and wriggle its way out of trouble. 10 minutes later –  in one of those rare (for me at least) coincidences –  all 4 of us had lines screaming – we had all hooked a Tiger fish at the same time – us 2 guys both landed ours whilst the ladies somehow lost theirs In all the excitement on board the boat

By Breakfast on the first morning I had successfully brought in 3 biggish Tiger and the others had caught one each – not bad for beginners. Why not take a few days off work and head off to Tiger Safaris in Chirundu for a few days whilst the Corona scare is hitting our headlines. Ciao Mike G.

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