Touring Matobo Without Leaving Your Home

By Nkosinomusa Nyoni

As we all adjust to the new normal, with people having to work from home and holiday trips being postponed or cancelled. What better way to enjoy your lockdown than taking a virtual tour of the renowned “Home of the Balancing Rocks”. Matobo National Park, one of the unsung highlights of Zimbabwe that is endowed with extra ordinary rock formations; the enormous boulders and unique balancing rocks, that have been likened to a “mother and child”, the “camel” and others exclusively reserved for your own imagination.

© Dave Dell

Not only does it boast of these rock formations but you are taken down memory lane by the unique cave paintings that date back to as far as 13,000 years. Be sure to pan to every corner of this 360° video below to learn about Zimbabwe’s rich history.- © NZiRA Travel Zimbabwe

© ZimParks

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