Tourist Treats


Set up at Elephant’s Walk in Victoria Falls, the artists here produce statement pieces that will liven up any home. If you’re looking for a gift for loved ones or simply trying to carry a piece of your adventure home, any one of their paintings will make sure Zimbabwe is a part of you. Lawrence Nyemba, one of the painters, is captivated by Africa’s natural beauty and colours. The only way he knows how to express his admiration is through painting.


Support local with this long established Zimbabwean born pottery company. Delicate Dugga, formerly Ros Byrne Designs, was established in 2018. Owner and manager Sascha Barr together with talented artists Patrick Beaton and Shungu Masara, thrower Motion Gamela and clay maker Pedzisani Nyagome – they make up the designs for dinner and tea sets, egg cups, model animals and plenty of other delightful African ceramics. Each piece is made with care and dedication and it is certainly a treat to take home regardless of where you come from.


Agrippa Tirigu is a sculptor and stone carver influenced by the modern sculpture as well as Shona traditions. He works primarily in black serpentine. His love for working with stone comes from his belief that stone has inherent natural beauty. Every stone has a sculpture already hidden inside it and it is his duty to discover it and set it free. Agrippa can produce a range of work, mainly the modern ones. If you’re wondering how you can carry stone home without exceeding your maximum luggage weight, Agrippa offers shipping around the world.

African Print Bags

Nhava_zw aims to produce strong authentic African print bags from fabrics across Africa. The bags are handmade in Zimbabwe and are distributed countrywide as well as in South Africa. Clotilda Rufasha founded Nhava_zw and designs the bags but success couldn’t be done without Tinashe Mupfapairi and Robin Chirume to deal with the business aspect. Determined to produce durable bags that withstood the test of time, they decided to come up with a range of colourful bags that are stylish, made with African fabric and strong enough to sustain the weight of laptops making them practical and long lasting. They are based at 1 Letham Road Avondale in Harare.

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