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HI All, When I was young my parents made sure I went along and joined Cubs and then advanced to become a Boy Scout – we learnt many things – not least of all was how to peal a potato in one long scoop. Our Motto was “Be Prepared”. It such a pity so few folks send their children to this very valuable movement. So last Sunday I came back from my regular 8 km run on the roads around Umwinsidale knowing that it would be last on the road for at least the next 3 weeks.

So I walked around my garden and worked out a plausible route for “Running Indoors” during the lockdown. Its about 350m and I’ve run it most days since – today I decided to do 6 loops of running the winding route – first clockwise followed by the reverse direction. Turns out I ran just over 4.3km in 40 minutes – I now have a lot more respect for those guys that do Trail running in Nyanga.

Running is not, as most opponents claim, a boring sport – far from it – Over the last week I’ve seen my garden from a whole lot of new angles and all sorts of thoughts race through your mind as you turn each corner or climb each slope:

“I wonder what has happened to the pair of Crested Barbet nesting in the Syringa Berry Tree”; “ Must remember to remove the dog poo before I start tomorrow!”. Then as I run past the veggie patch at the end of the garden – “Looks like there’s enough Lettuce, tomatoes and Cucumber to last the lockdown”.

After a few laps your body clicks into Auto Drive – well it used to ! – these days there’s the odd senior moment when, on the 4th or 5th lap, you look at your reflection in the glass verandah doors and think you’ve only admired yourself twice and not 3 times so far. Whatever.

If I was a whole lot younger I would turn it into an obstacle course – leopard crawl under the swings; jump over the pool fence; swim across the pool; jump out the other side; climb a tree…. Dream on. Have a good day. Mike G.

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