Tribute to my Dad

Fathers are meant to be to us
What superheroes are
They save the day
Show up just in the nick of time.
Well my dad wasn’t that kind of guy
Assa Shangwa was an amazing man
Unconventional in how he fathered us
He was the man that woke his girls up at 2 a.m.
To get the groove on to a Dembo song
Oh, and trust he could bust some moves
Son had game…
And we used to roll our eyes and be like
Oh, yah dad’s home
He would come bearing gifts
A packet of Crisps, a candy bar and
Most times Chocolate
Most times he’d be on electricals trying to fix stuff
Now those are the precious memories that cracked us up badly
My sisters and I would be whispering
“You could get zapped doing that,
Does he know that?”
But my dad didn’t have the fear factor
And by some miracle whatever he
Doctored would work
So, we learnt to trust his quick wit and depend on his reliability
He taught us that a man must fix stuff and bring solutions
I don’t mean do electricals and get yourself zapped
I mean be dependable and find solutions
To the problems that arise in your family you are the head
My dad was not a perfect template but wisdom has taught me to glean from what he showed us
So, I grew up with a definition of a man being
Someone who makes time to be with you
Crosses midnight and tells dawn to chill
He loves you so much he will snatch
Impossible moments to create memories with you
To paint pictures of being there for you,
You will die before you forget the imprints
Waking us up at odd hours because we didn’t own time
And soon it would take him with it
Where we couldn’t follow or remember the way
He built mementos
Listen, we built mementos and Polka dot memories
Moment’s tucked away safe
Lest they eclipse real life and we forget Grace
He taught us that man are spontaneous
and their charm is hidden in the little things they do to put a smile on your face
He painted murals pictures of a dad that
Didn’t always get it right but one thing that was always clear with him was
He wouldn’t stop trying and that earned him points because it worked
Now Love has a solid definition for us as his girls.
Happy Father’s Day Dads
Like my Dad be mad crazy and imprint memories for years
Be the guy that teaches love in expression like your father above
You have a head start because you know God
Be the distinction the world needs today
Be the hero that saves the day
Even God kind of gave up everything in order to father us
How cool is that?
What am I saying?
Fathers are the blueprint of heaven
They paint canvases on the murals of our hearts
To showcase the love the father intends us to have
Trust your family to the one who saves
That’s how you learn to save the day
Be Available Emotionally, Intellectually and physically
That’s showing up in the nick of time
Be that Double D hero, Dependable Dad
Provide for yours
Imprint memories daily as you Father them
As you love their mother and show her commitment
Always remember, you are the best candidate for this job
You alone can do it well
Fathers are meant to be to us
What are superheroes are
You are Dads
Happy Father’s Day!

Copyright © Umind?!

Peggie Shangwa is known as Umind?! is a writer, Senior Editor at Groove Magazine International, a regular in Local Magazine, The Voice, speaker, voice-over artist and spoken word artist who thrives on word passion and speaks her mind in connection with her spirit, laying down heart issues on any platform.
Founder of Page Poetry Alive (PPA) a poetry collective that nurtures Page Poets, Spoken word artists, garnished by other art forms, creating a solid platform that will be a launchpad for different careers connecting them with the audience and facilitating the building of a niche market for each. Culminating in intercontinental Tours hosted yearly. She is featured on Badhilisha Poetry exchange program a podcast station in Africa and Indie feed an Online radio podcast station in the U.S.A, been published in a poetry exchange program in Nigeria called Silent Voices and is in South African Anthology Speaking in Tongues.

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