Unlock Your Inner Jordan

By Anesu Gwatidzo

Continuing on from his last article What Is Your Why, Anesu Gwatidzo writes on the next step which is Unlocking Your Inner Jordan.

Somebody asked me a while ago what happens after you have identified what your why is and being a sports enthusiast I’ve decided to answer this in the best way that I can. After you know Your Why the only possible next step is unlocking your inner Jordan. Unlocking your inner Jordan is closely aligned with purpose; and within this principle, you are working and living as the best version of yourself.

Note to Hall of Fame me, Rookie you knew you would unlock your inner Jordan.

– Anesu Gwatidzo

A month ago, I was asked – what happens after you have identified what your why is? It is an intriguing thing to think about and a hard question to answer because I am in that phase of discovering my ‘’ultimate why ’’ and linking that with my real purpose. As a sports enthusiast, I have decided to answer this in the best way I can and after you know Your Why the only possible next step is unlocking your inner Jordan. The reason I have called it this is because I recently watched the 10 part Netflix special on arguably the greatest athlete of our generation, Michael Jordan. In this documentary, Michael Jordan takes us through his time from when he was a college athlete barely playing the game he is synonymously known for to him becoming the first megastar athlete. He went on to win 6 NBA championships, retiring and playing another professional sport altogether (baseball) coming back from that and winning another championship. An ultimate champion, right?

 A lot of people say that a champion is a unique person. Truly they are. If I look at all my favourite athletes, they all are special people. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cam Newton, Odell Beckham Junior, Usain Bolt, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Anthony Joshua, Grant Halloway, Wayde van Niekerk the list is endless all have the same goal. Their mind is set, on one thing. To be elite. To be the greatest of all time. To be the masters of their craft. To dominate and to be extraordinary. Recently Patrick Mahomes NFL Quarter Back of the Kansas City Chiefs signed the biggest contract in the history of sports for over $503 million dollars. That’s $500 million! If someone was willing to pay you any amount of money for the job you are doing right now how much do you think they would be willing to pay you for your services? Are you comfortable with the first figure that came to your mind? If the answer is no there’s probably a lot more you should be doing to enter that priceless tag for yourself. Value. Create it for yourself.

My manager asked me the other day, ‘’Do you feel like your potential is being maximised in your role?’’ That made me think… What actually is my potential? The reason for this is because If your why and your purpose were revealed to you today in an optimal world would you work toward it to the point where you would maximise your potential and strive to become the greatest of all time? If your answer is maybe or ‘kind of’ then you probably should not be doing what you are doing right now anyway.

What propels all these athletes to perform beyond their natural abilities, to play the game and do what they do is their ability to flip the switch. The switch that blocks out all the noise and tells you ‘’focus’’, ‘’ move’’, ‘’lock-in’’, ‘’be great’’, ‘’you are great’’. LeBron James says the reason why he has been able to perform at such a high level for as long as he has is his ability to be present in every moment. You cannot fail if you have already prepared for it. You have already won. All you need to do is execute. So find your switch, turn it on and execute in every moment. Invest in yourself and be the best version of yourself in everything that you put your mind to. 

Anesu Gwatidzo is a Business Development Specialist at Carrick Wealth which is a dynamic an independent financial services provider specialising in integrated wealth management. You can connect with Anesu here: LinkedIn

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