Upper Body Overall Workout

By Ndurance Fitness 

3-4 circuits, 30 second rest in between each exercise and 2 minute rest at the end of each round.

Push-up + Tricep Kickback

1.Push up + tricep kickback – hold your core tight and keep your hips level when your bring your arm up for the triceps kickback.

Lateral raise with Isohold

2.Lateral rise with Isohold- hold  your one arm up whilst doing 5 reps a side, then swop over until you get the rep count you are going for – 10 or 20 reps in total.

Bicep Curl Isoholds

3.Bicep Curl Isoholds- same principle as above for the lateral raises.

Bent over row to tricep kickback

4.Bent over row to tricep kickback – keep your back nice and flat and hold your core tight to keep from using your lower back.

Rear Dealt Flys

5.Rear Dealt Flys- again keep your back nice and flat and really squeeze your rear delta at the top of the movement.

Bicep Curl to shoulder press to tricep overhead press

6.Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press to Tricep Overhead Press- concentrate on each movement and keep your firm correct.Do not rush them.

Hope you have a goodie. 

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