Wedding Details Matter

By Enock Matumbure

The most fortunate or unfortunate thing about shooting weddings is that they only happen once. That is both a blessing and a curse especially when the memories of the day are dependent on how well you capture them because these moments are so brief and immediate. One of the skills I’ve learnt to appreciate as a photographer is to pay attention. The kind of attention where the smallest of things and details matter, which I have taken to my photography especially when shooting. Most of the time I was immersed in capturing the story of the day and would overlook certain things like the details on the wedding gown, the kind of flowers they chose, their rings, the shoes and all sorts. Once I became present, I fell in love with the process of creating as Kevan Lee said, “There’s power in creating from a place of love and enjoyment, because the finished product will absolutely reflect the joy and happiness you put into it.

Image by Enock Matumbure

So next time a photographer asks for your rings for a few images of them, don’t just hand him your hand. Give them a few minutes to showcase their creativity, your time and money and your story. Your chosen details are an expression of your personality and all that is unique about you. We understand that couples dedicate a fairly large share of their overall budget and time to the details and each detail has some sort of expense, either to create or to bring together. So each detail matters, from picking out a specific vendor to figuring out what goes best with what. That alone is enough to pay attention to every item in the documentation of your big day. So when you choose your photographer, ask whether he pays attention to the details, because it is the little things that are left undone that matters the most.

Image by Enock Matumbure

Paying close attention to detail has helped me to make artistic choices that enhance the quality of my work and elevate its status to works of art. It is true that any story is only true and powerful if it has been captured to the last detail and while it takes determination and practice, it eventually pays off. So when you shoot, look for details throughout the ceremony that can add an unusual storytelling element to your coverage, without being conventional. 

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