Welcome to Bambazonke Online

By Naomie Happi – Pokam 

We are delighted to be announcing the soft launch of the new and updated Bambazonke Online. Through this platform, we will be providing you with a new avenue to receive the latest updates about what’s going on in our community.

A big welcome to our existing community to our newest platform: Bambazonke Online

For a long time, people have believed that a community has the capacity and ability to influence human behaviour. Time and time again this statement has proven itself to be true and today thanks to technology we are able to witness the growth of different communities across the world. However, one may ask the question what is a community? Renowned speaker and digital analyst Brian Solis once said: “Community is much more than belonging to something; it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter.” After repeating this quote to myself a number of times, l came to the conclusion that in one way or another we are all connected to each other and the presence of a community simply allows us to experience this shared humanity whenever we influence each other through our victories and hardships.

Originally, this is how Bambazonke Nhasi began; it was a small newsletter started by Mike Garden as a tool to help inform farmers on what’s happening in Harare whilst spreading a little bit of joy along the way. Bambazonke has since stretched its wings and expanded to become an informative platform that discusses topics which not only matter for individual growth but are essential for the growth of our community as well. With everything becoming more digital these days, Bambazonke has introduced an online website that allows everyone and anyone to become enlightened and informed on topics that affect us. Here is a guideline on how to explore our website and become part of our community.

Kick start your morning with us in the Current Topics section, where we provide you with updated information on the current situations that are affecting our children, our businesses and our communities. We endeavour to hear the thoughts of the greater Harare and Zimbabwe communities and implore you to drop a comment on any given topic you please. After going through these articles, if you are feeling a little inspired then make sure you have a look at our Art and Culture section to uplift your soul through the thought-provoking poems and breathtaking artworks.

A glimpse into the mind of a young photographer by Miranda Samaneka and is found in our the Arts and Culture Section

Tantalize your taste buds with the mouthwatering dishes we have lined up for you in the Food section, we have simple recipes that you can easily try out from the comfort of your home and if by the end of the day you find yourself feeling guilty for lounging around then make sure you hop over to our Health and Fitness tab where you will find a number of different workouts and challenges to keep your body and mind on the top of its game.

This simple yet delicious egg salad recipe by Rutendo is from our vibrant Food Section

Are the lock-down blues overwhelming you? We’ve partnered with our sister publications and one of them, Nzira Travel Magazine helps us to explore Zimbabwe. Visit our Travel page and receive a virtual tour of places you may consider visiting after the lock-down is over, but since the only place you can visit right now is your garden then let us make this experience for you an adventure with the help of one of our other sister publications, Zimunda Farming, who are giving us the Farm and Garden section, where you can find new tips and tricks that will help you become a know-it-all garden gnome.

A taste of our Travel Section: the Big Guys

As you explore each page you will notice the different advertisements we have on display, please feel free to contact us to have your company or business advertised at a special price and if by the end of your exploration you would want to receive more content then please subscribe to our mailing list by entering your contact details on the bottom of the home page and become part of our community because whatever your interest, we have got you covered.

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Welcome to Bambazonke Online by Naomie Happi - Pokam
Welcome to Bambazonke Online

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