What Am I? Riddles

By Morgan Cutolo(Reader’s Digest)

Are you ready to exercise your brain with the following WHAT AM I? riddles. Try them all and see if you can find the answers.

  1. I can never be thrown but I can be caught. Ways to lose me are always being sought. What am I?
  2. I have branches, but no fruit, trunk or leaves. What am I?
  3. A seed with three letters in my name. Take away two and I still sound the same. What am I?
  4. I’m an instrument through which sounds are made, and yet, not something that can be played. What am I?
  5. The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?
  6. I have many teeth but I can’t bite. I’m often used early but rarely at night. What am I?
  7. I have two hands, but I can not scratch myself. What am I?
  8. I am the beginning of everything, the end of everywhere. I’m the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space. What am I?
  9. If you have me, you want to share me. If you share me, you haven’t got me. What am I?
  10. I follow you all the time and copy your every move, but you can’t touch me or catch me. What am I?

Comment below, if you think you know all of them.

Click here for answers: https://www.rd.com/list/what-am-i-riddles/

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